Budnubac was the brainchild of Robin Taylor-Firth.

He was the long term conspirator in ‘Nightmares on Wax’ and the genius behind Olive’s gorgeous chart topper ‘Your Not Alone’, and the producer of the summer anthem ‘Baddest Ruffest’ by Backyard Dog.

Another inspiring, cutting edge musical project for Taylor-Firth was Budnubac which is a collective encompassing music, animation, the Budnubac DJ Soundystem, and the full on Budnubac live phenomenon….. blending Cuban, dub, salsa and Latin sounds into a mixture of beautiful, edgy and classy tracks.

Years in the making and working with an array of musicians, singers and artists from around the world, Taylor-Firth introduced us to a new experience.

8/11’ (released of 11/11/02) was the instrumental vinyl introduction that caused an underground stir with DJs such as Mr Scruff, Richard Dorfmeister, Rob Da Bank, Stuart Patterson, Groove Armada and Chicken/

Budnubac then presented the vocal delights of Siobhan Gallagher as Maria Fuentes on ‘Flag‘ (released on 17/02/03).

The Budnubac experience had begun.

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