DJ Dan & Grandadbob

When Faith & Hope signed the deal for the EP of ‘Disco Hertz‘, it brought together the most unlikely collaboration and an EP of disco house at it’s most diverse. “America’s most beloved DJ” [URB Magazine] and Sheffield’s newest freaky dancers

DJ Dan was possibly one of the most sought after superstar DJs in his native USA.

Starting out with some amazing techno in the early 90’s, he added a blend of house to his style. His energetic sets and productions rocked the dancefloors for many years. Based in LA, he drew massive crowds every weekend, and his US DJ diary was more often than not fully booked. He was best known in the UK for his Moonshine compilations and records such as “Needle Damage” and “Loose Caboose” (where he collaborated with Carl Cox).

Grandadbob on the other hand are two cheeky northern scallywags from Sheffield. Dave Robinson and Vanessa Johnson live and make music together in a mid-terraced house and were relative unknowns until Fatboy Slim signed them up to his Southern Fried label last year.

Their ‘Disco Hertz‘ EP was a sublime collection of three dancefloor monsters. “Squack Track” is an acid house stomper with a breakdown the size of the Atlantic, “Star Places” is a subtler disco teaser which features Vanessa’s lush vocals and “Where U Goin’?” adds a distinct techno edge to the EP.

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